Open letter

As we all know, modern life is increasing pressure makes us feel tired, exhausted … resulting in the body:

Stress: Pressure in work not only affects health but also affect job performance, ability to strive for your career. Today, stress at work seems to have become a chronic disease of many office workers.

Sleep: In general, sleep disorders are one of the “burden” of women commonly stepping through middle age – a period of crisis due to the glitch from inside the body. Thus, improving the impact of sleep needed is consistent with the natural metabolism of the body.

Aging skin: environmental pollution we are facing every day is also the cause of skin aging. And stress, loss of sleep also contributes significantly to aging skin

With the development history of thousands of years, essential oil is known as nature’s treasures, is nature’s medicine cabinet is developed into treatments, wellness, beauty worldwide. Between the 19th century, oil was concentrated study and become an overall therapy and universal in many countries such as Korea, Japan, Britain, France … .. Also, essential oils eliminate dead skin cells...