Sunlight is one of the main reasons leading to the breakdown, oxidation oil quickly. So the first satellite should be kept in place at the light, avoid direct sunlight, cool place; can be stored in the dark closet. Avoiding direct sunlight and avoid places where high temperatures will increase the lifespan of oil. Where they have some oil storage right in their fridge, but this is not really necessary unless you live in a place too hot. Essential oils should be stored at temperatures between 20-25

The essential oil is a volatile mixture should be closed tightly when not in use, avoiding exposure to oil with air for a long time. If we stored properly, essential oils will have a very long lifespan.

In addition to Avoid buying essential oils stored in dropper bottles with rubber or plastic. They will damage the oil in time not long

Besides that, Pls keep essential oil away from children and your eyes, do not drinking, and read about essential oil before apply it.