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  • Botanical name: Citrus limonum
  • Family: Rutaceae.
  • Basic Constituents: Lemonene
  • Aroma: Strong, sweet and lemony
  • Therapeutic Benefits: Very beneficial to the circulatory system, it aids with blood flow and brings down blood pressure and also helps with nosebleeds, bring down fever, relieve throat infection, bronchitis, asthma and flu, improve the functions of the digestive system and help with constipation, dyspepsia and cellulite. Help to clear up acne, cleaning greasy skin and hair, as well as removing dead skin cell.
  • Application/ Home uses: In burners, vaporizers, blending massage oils or diluting in the bath
  • Blends: citrus oil, orange blossom, olibanum, geranium, eucalyptus, oakmoss, lavandin, elemi, labdanum, lemon, palmarosa, bergamot, neroli, rosemary, cypress, lavender, cardomon, basil, cedar wood, chamomile, citronella, frankincense, jasmine, rose, rosewood, ylang ylang, benzoin, cardamom, chamomile, fennel, ginger, juniper, linden blossom, sandalwood and other spice oils
  • Other uses: In insect repellents, cooking a base cream and in a lotion or as a mouthwash for mouth ulcers and throat infections
  • Made In India


10ml       : 160,00VND

50ml       : 400,000VND

100ml     : 600,000VND

500ml     : 1,850,000VND

1000ml   : 3,600,000VND

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1000ml, 100ml, 15ml, 500ml, 50ml


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