To buy our product – Purevess, you can perform the following three ways:

  1. Purchase by phone

For the convenience of customers and advisory support as quickly as possible, you can contact the following phone number of our hotline 0903199123 or 0909828897.

2      Buy online on website:

Order at sites quite simple, you just follow the steps below:

Step 1: You can search our product by typing keywords in the search bar and choose the suitable product

Step 2: If the product is satisfactory, please enter fully information in the form is placed at the bottom of each page. Customers should note that the full integration of information so that we can understand the needs and wants of customers. After filling in all the information in the data fields, you press send. This information will be automatically sent to our mailbox.

Step 3: Upon receipt of your information, we will directly contact you by phone number was provided, confirmation requests and answer questions relating to orders, shipping fee( if any) and payment instructions.

Step 4: Following the payment methods, we will expedite delivery and transport to the venue as required (if any).

  1. Purchase directly at the showroom of Purevess:

We are willing to welcome customers to visit our showroom directly. Please contact us to purchase products directly at PUREVESS.

Thank you for your interest in PUREVESS company.

Please contact us for advice and support